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Say Goodbye to Crushed or Cluttered Products

Who We Are

The Poke A Dot Organizer began out of the need to have a cleaner, more organized system to keep cosmetics safe, whether at home, or traveling. Jane Lee was a sales rep who traveled all the time for her job and was very frustrated with the current methods of storing her makeup. “Every time I would open up my make up bag in a hotel, there would be more makeup “dust” covering the sides of my make up bag, and liquids that were leaking from cracked bottles! I also suffered from MAJOR FRUSTRATION when I could not easily see what makeup was in my bag -I had to dig into the “black hole”, hoping to find what I needed.”

She decided there had to be a better way to keep makeup manageable while traveling, without everything breaking and oozing out of bottles. This is how the Poke A Dot Organizer was created.

Our Mission

POKE•A•DOT partners with the Nashville, TN YWCA to help victims of domestic abuse. For every two organizers purchased, we donate one to the YWCA. When a new person enters the shelter, they are given a black POKE•A•DOT organizer to help keep their valuables organized within their room.

Through the Renew Program, as soon as a family graduates to their own place, they are given a clear organizer to help them start their life over with organization in mind.

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