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Finding the perfect organizer can be tough. Whether you’re going on a trip, organizing your clutter, or storing things for your hobby, it’s important to find an organizer with the right size compartments to store your items safely. Every time you buy more items, you could find yourself buying a new organizer just to fit! It’s not practical to change organizers every few months. That’s why THE Poke A Dot organizer is the perfect product to store your small items.


THE Poke A Dot organizer is customizable. Use the moveable dividers to create new storage compartments as needed. The dividers click into place in endless combinations. Poke A Dot compartment dividers can be installed in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal configurations to store everything from school supplies to cosmetics, beading supplies, toys for the road and more.


The more stuff you buy, the more Poke A Dot organizers you will need! That’s why Poke A Dot made its organizers stackable and modular, so they can work together to keep everything you need easily “findable,” and in one place. Place your stackable Poke A Dot organizers on your desk at work, in your locker at school, in your pantry, or on your dresser.

Easy to Use

Poke A Dot organizer is above all, easy to use. You don’t need instructions to customize your container: all you need are the eight enclosed dividers that come with every organizer. If you want to move the dividers, just pull the divider up from the hole it has been placed in. When you’ve found a better spot for the compartment divider, just push it down into the hole!

Keep all your small objects safely in place with the Poke A Dot drawer organizer and storage container. When you’ve purchased something new to be stored, simply remove the compartment divider and re-install it where needed.

Poke A Dot organizers come in two different colors, clear and black, so they’re easily distinguished from one another. They’re made from durable plastic, which is BPA-free, so you can easily affix labels to your Poke A Dot. Plus, they have a lifetime warranty!

Flexible for All Hobbies

Poke A Dot built its reputation on the idea that it was the number one product for organizing cosmetics. For many years, this purpose served Poke A Dot well, and it served people who wore makeup well also! After a time, the makers of Poke A Dot realized that Poke A Dot drawer organizer can be utilized for so much more than makeup. It’s perfect for:
  • Beading organizer. Keep your beads, threads, scissors, and needles all conveniently stored in a clear plastic box with moveable internal walls. Keep your current projects in there too, so that they can be worked on anytime, anywhere.
  • Embroidery organizer. Embroidery is a great hobby for traveling because the supplies can be brought anywhere, to be worked on at any time. This has never been more true when you have your Poke A Dot organizer, which keeps your supplies easily accessible and fully organized! Use your Poke A Dot to hold embroidery floss, needles, your embroidery project, and more.
  • Art supplies organizer. Keep your art supplies like paints, pencils, brushes, and more, all in one space, but keep them separate and easy to find. Poke A Dot organizer can be changed as you buy more art supplies to keep on hand.
  • Model building organizer. Do you make models in your spare time? You probably have a lot of paints, brushes, and glues on hand for these projects. Use the Poke A Dot to keep your items stored safely and securely. Bring the Poke A Dot with you when traveling and you can work on your models while you’re on the go!

Best of all, the Poke A Dot can easily be transferred for use from one hobby to another, so as your interests change, the Poke A Dot can come with you and be used for new hobbies.

Practical for Everyday Use

We all have a lot of clutter and small items in our lives. Whether you’re working full time, going to school, or TRYING TO keep a clean home, the Poke A Dot has many practical uses.
  • School supplies organizer. Use the Poke A Dot organizer to hold your school supplies, such as pencils, pens, and more. Bring the Poke A Dot with you to school for consistent organization, and then take it with you back home again. It’s lightweight and easy to fit in a backpack.
  • Office supply organizer. Office supplies can easily become mixed up, but not when you have a Poke A Dot organizer. Use the moveable walls to create compartments that hold pens, erasers, staples, paperclips, sticky notes, and more. Whether you’re working from home or working in the office, the Poke A Dot organizer can go with you.
  • Junk drawer organizer. You know that junk drawer where you’re storing things like little nails, paperclips, pens, and more? Use the Poke A Dot organizer to keep your junk drawer sorted and organized.
  • Cosmetics organizer. Blush, brushes, eye shadows, foundation, and more can all be stored easily in the Poke A Dot organizer. As your favorite makeups change, you can buy more Poke A Dots and change the compartments to meet your needs. You will never have to worry about your expensive makeup leaking, spilling, cracking, or breaking, because the 8 dividers will hold all of your cosmetics in place. Your products are easy to visualize, making your makeup routine a lot more routine!

Organize Your Drawers

The Poke A Dot was designed to fit easily inside most drawers, whether that’s your sock drawer, junk drawer, bathroom drawer, clothing drawer, and more. Use the Poke A Dot to organize items neatly. When you’re done using the Poke A Dot in a drawer, it can easily be positioned on a dresser. This stackable drawer gets excellent reviews on Amazon because it’s so flexible and easy to transport.

Organize for Travel

Use the Poke A Dot to organize for your upcoming trip, whether that’s a weekend holiday or a month-long vacation. Use the Poke A Dot to hold everything from cosmetics to loose change, small computer supplies, cords, and more.

Shape and Reshape Your Compartments

Why do so many people love the Poke A Dot? Our customer reviews say it all: because you can shape and reshape the compartments to organize anything you need in endless combinations. Create your favorite configurations to give you easy access to all your items!

Proud to Be A Business Partnering With Amazon

As one of the businesses partnering with Amazon, Poke A Dot has seen a huge increase in business in recent years. Just look at our customer reviews on Amazon to see how many of our customers are delighted to be buying products from small businesses like ours. And did we mention that this is a woman-owned business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Poke A Dot is a product designed to keep loose items organized. Poke A Dot includes a case and moveable compartment walls that can be installed in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal positions. These compartment walls can be moved and then moved again as different items need to be stored. Poke A Dot is one of the small business brands sold in Amazon’s store.

The Poke A Dot weighs 1.5 pounds.

Poke A Dot organizer is well-suited for travel because it’s small, compact, and lightweight. The Poke A Dot can hold small items you want to bring with you on your trip, whether those small items are cosmetics, jewelry, small computer items, and so on.

As one of the small businesses partnering with Amazon, Poke A Dot created its organizer to meet the needs of a wide range of people with a wide range of interests. The Poke A Dot is designed to be flexible and can be used to hold a variety of items for different purposes. From art projects to beading, embroidery, and more, we’ve used the Poke A Dot for organizing items small and large. We like to say that it is a puzzle only you can solve!

We recommend storing your Poke A Dot organizer in a location that’s convenient and safe, whether that’s in a drawer, locker, on your desk, or on your dresser. Poke A Dot can also be stored in a backpack, in luggage, or in a purse. This lightweight, easy-to-move, and stash organizer is stackable for simple storage in any location.

Black Organizer with Cosmetics

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Poke A Dot was created to be a flexible, easy-to-store, practical solution to today’s storage problems. We know it’s important for you to stay organized and we want to help! Contact us to purchase your Poke A Dot organizer today.
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